ECS 210 – My digital story

I decided to write a song that encompasses the diverse topics that we discussed in ecs 210.


Teach Me – ECS 210

Verse 1:

Im headed down to my first 210 class

Not entirely sure what to expect

Is it something that I’ll be able to use?

I made it to the room just as planned

Got my Kumashiro text book in hand.

What an I going to learn? Well here’s some clues



So curriculum, social justice issues

Common sense and standardized testing blues

Hey Katia teach me

Teach me about technology in the classroom

Treaty ed and our PLNs too

Hey Katia teach me


Verse 2:

Curriculum is more than mandated lessons

Its also lived experiences and hidden messages

There’s so much more, we carry to our classrooms

Oh social justice issues there are so many

We need to be aware and keep our classroom friendly

So I’ll strive for a classroom of equality


Chorus Repeat


Verse 3:

Common sense is something we all assume

We all know what assuming will do

But standardized testing – sure glad that didn’t pass

In Saskatchewan, Canada

Im excited to teach treaty ed and include technology

Twitter, blogging, google docs, and creating wikis

And now I know how to do this and its easy.


Chorus Repeat


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