Hungry for Feedly?

I spent this week exploring Feedly. Honestly, it is extremely user friendly! I am aware that I am not overly tech savvy – so, if I can navigate Feedly problem-free then anyone can! It is very helpful in locating different blogs.

I stumbled upon the blog “Crochet Geek.” This blog is something I will definitely repeatedly access throughout my learning project process. I am finding crocheting to be quite challenging and the Crochet Geek – uses humour and anecdotes along with instruction of how to crochet simple things to challenging things. She uses pictures and diagrams to help out the explanation!

I have found multiple education related blogs that I have also chosen to follow. Many of the blogs are related to using technology, as that is one of my interests! I am excited to keep exploring the many blogs that exist on Feedly! It is amazing to have access to thousands upon thousands of blogs at your finger tips. Honestly, anything that I type in the search box provides results.

I am excited to continue my exploration!


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