Trying not to rip my hair out!

So, crocheting has proved to be challenging! I have finally mastered the loop and pull through! So I easily have completed the base of my future scarf BUT to add another row has proved frustrating. I watched multiple videos on youTube and stared at diagrams and for some reason I am completely unable to wrap my head around it! I honestly stared at this for an hour and have gotten nowhere 😦 crochet diagram

I also have knotted and reknotted and unknotted this wool hundreds of times, it is not starting to get fuzzy. If I ever actually get it done, my scarf will be extremely fuzzy. I am getting frustrated and think that I maybe need to try a bigger crochet hook. I am thinking that its not the appropriate size – according to the different blogs that I have been reading. Yikes! I will keep you posted!



One thought on “Trying not to rip my hair out!

  1. Hey Larissa! I, too, attempted to crochet a couple years ago. Not going to lie, I gave up within a week or so. That being said, I should have kept going. As anything new, the beginning is always a challenge. But, once you get a hang of it, all the challenges you had at the beginning will seem second nature to you. Looking forward to your progress!
    Good luck!

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