Having a health care background, I am very interested/concerned about this Zika virus. There has been a ton of info available on Twitter that I have been following and sharing regarding this. I have mostly been following the news @CBCNews and @CTVregina for continuous updates on this rapidly expanding virus. Today, it was just released that Jamaica had its first official case. I have been seeing articles of people being concerned and cancelling their destination vacations because of this threat! The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) released this map on Jan.26th to show the areas that already have multiple cases of zika reported. I highly suggest following @CDCgov for continuous updates!zika (Photo Credit)

In the last few days more countries are being added and it seems that the disease is spreading at a rapid rate.

You can view my twitter feed to see what @CBCNews posted as the top 6 things you need to know about Zika.

It is vital that we all keep ourselves informed about what is occurring in the world around us. As a young woman who eventually wants children and who loves travelling I find this data extremely relevant.


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