Who the heck I am online!

Well in order for me to understand what my digital identity currently looks like I thought it was necessary to google myself. I first searched Larissa Mack and apparently there are a few of us in the world! So I then added in the key word, Regina. The first thing that popped up was my Twitter account!! This makes me happy because once you click into my professional twitter account there is access to my blog and About.Me page. When I searched my maiden name (Larissa Major) my YouTube channel was easily found. This reminded me that I definitely need to update this as well. So, excellent blog post topic choice! Also, my Facebook and Pinterest accounts were also easily accessed. So if you want to see what I have been pinning lately – you just go right ahead! I also was able to see some old bursaries I had won as well as some sweet dance competitions that I somehow managed to place in! If you don’t believe me – the proof is here (the internet NEVER lies haha). For example, you search Larissa Major on google images and this is what pops up first!

Google Images: http://www.fivb.com/en/about/injury-forces-late-stavanger-major-withdrawl

I feel as though I look quite spectacular! Good for me – been hitting those crunches! Well… obviously this is not me but a few of my photos from Facebook did show up on my google image search – even though I use a different name for my profile.

We definitely want our online identity to be a true depiction of who we are and what we are all about.

One article that I enjoyed reading was Teachers, Take Care of Your Digital Footprint. One quote that resounded with me was, “if you aren’t controlling your footprint – then others are!” This is in regard to people posting things about you and pictures of you, as well as people using Rate My Teachers pages. This is an interesting article in which teachers are encouraged to take control of their digital identity.

This YouTube video is also an excellent learning tool! You definitely don’t want this to be you in an interview. So, if you want a slightly funny depiction of what is going on please watch what could happen if you have an unprofessional digital identity.  For goodness sakes remove your “sexy girlfriend” album!! It’s about two minutes long – I highly suggest that you watch it!

Over Exposed Video

It is up to us to create our own digital identity. We are in control and we know now more than ever, administrators are searching our names in order to access our digital identity.

So play safe kids!!!!





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