Let us live in the moment!



Everyday it seems that we are getting more disconnected in a way from our world around us. As we increase our daily screen time, we decrease our time for interacting with others, enjoying the outdoors, and many other things. I know that I am not exempt from this! I am absolutely guilty of checking my social media throughout the day as well as taking the occasional “selfie.”

When something happens, I catch myself thinking that I need to run and grab my phone in order to capture the moment. When in fact, this is when I should be present in the moment. When I lived in Africa I only had a phone to stay in contact with my family and friends. The only internet that I had access to was in internet cafes that were powered by a generator. There was no wifi in the areas that I lived. This experience was absolutely refreshing. I truly lived in every moment. I had a digital camera with me, but I did not have it on me every day. I did not capture every moment with a concrete photo, but I have so many memories! Not being attached to my phone allowed me to seem more at peace. It was a wonderful feeling. Yet when I came home I found myself reaching for my phone constantly.

Everytime that I travel, I definitely use my phone much less. It becomes a camera for me and not a connection to social media. It seems that when I am travelling I am able to recharge my batteries and disconnect myself a bit from the craziness of social media.

It frightens me when I see young children on their phones constantly. When I was younger that was not an option. We spent every second we could playing outside and using our imaginations. My sisters and I created plays, dances, stories, productions, and games. I wonder when I have children will they possess the same desire to be outside playing or will that be replaced with screen time.

We need to LIVE IN THE MOMENT! Life is too short to let it pass us by!

For some humourous cell phone memes click here.


10 thoughts on “Let us live in the moment!

  1. Hey Larissa,
    Nice post! I love the picture and the cell phone memes you included. Some of them are so true. I have also found that when I travel, my phone becomes more of a camera and less of a constant distraction.

    I’m wondering – why do you think it’s easier for us to disconnect from social media when we travel? I mean, you would think there would be more to share about when we’re off adventuring rather than just going about our every day lives, so what do you think causes that change?

    1. Hi Raquel,
      Thanks for the comment! I know I found that those memes were perfectly fitting! I am not exactly sure why it is easier to disconnect when we are travelling. I know for me, that when I travel I am truly the happiest! I truly want to soak up every moment, every sight, every sound, and every experience. I also take a lot of pictures but I value the mental pictures as well. Nothing will ever replace those. Great question! Do you find that you feel the same?

  2. I couldn’t agree more Larissa! I, too, had a similar experience when I volunteered in Costa Rica last summer. I was completely disconnected from social media, and from my iPhone all together. Like you, I only used my phone as a camera. For those that have never experienced this, it is definitely a worthwhile experience. I began to notice how much longer the days felt, how many more meaningful conversations I had with others, and how you begin to forget the urge to grab for your cellphone and check social media or send a text. Since returning home, I have noticed how easy it is to get back into the routine of being constantly connected to my phone. One thing I have done is removed facebook off my phone completely. I do not think we realize how many times a day we check social media without even realize we are doing it. Since removing facebook I find myself only checking it about 2 to 3 times a week on my laptop. I was thinking of writing a similar post this week on my blog and it is apparent it is something I have lots to say about! Do you think kids nowadays are becoming disconnected with the world around them because they are too “connected” to technology?

    1. Thanks for the response Ryan! I am so glad you had a similar experience. I definitely agree that everyone needs to experience what its like to go without your phone! Just wondering where you volunteered and what you did in Costa Rica? That would have been such an amazing experience. I absolutely think that kids are becoming much more disconnected with the world around them. Technology is definitely taking over children’s lives. Even during internship, while outside on supervision I noticed a lot of children sitting outside in groups but just playing on their phones or DS systems. It makes me sad, they are missing out on more than they know.

      1. I volunteered in a small town called Providencia (about 200 people lived there). I had the opportunity to volunteer on an organic coffee farm, we helped build a road, and we were able to work in the local elementary school.

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  4. This is an amazing post Larissa. This topic strikes such a nerve with me because I see I happening and it totally scares me. I know that you are not saying that we should take technology out of the picture completely or that it is a negative tool. I have not traveled much but I agree that smartphones have deinitely changed both how people preserve memories and how they make them. I think that it is all about finding an appropriate balance to make the most of technology’s potential. Your perspective is very similar to mine and I see how my younger sister’s childhood differs from mine based solely on social media. The worst part is that it’s hard to explain to her that she needs to go outside more or use her IPOD less when she sees her older family members with their phones a short distance away at all times. I think our generation needs to try to model technology use rather than blaming the phones. Once we find our balance they might catch on too. Thank you for your post Larissa!

    1. Thank you so much Kailyn! I am the same – my youngest sister is ten years younger than me and she definitely has grown up a lot different than I did. I remember playing outside until it was dark and my parents had to call me to come in. Yes, I definitely agree – it is not technology’s fault! The blame is on us. We need to moderate our screen time. Thanks for your comment Kailyn!

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