Stu Disapproves!

So I finally have mastered creating the chain!! I am quite proud of myself. My next goal in the next few weeks is to master adding rows onto my chain. From what I have read and heard, creating the first row is the most challenging. After that it becomes much simpler! So hopefully within the next few weeks I will have created something that resembles a scarf. I know this is getting ahead of myself but I can do it.

On Pinterest I seem to keep re-pinning Hopeful Honey’s crochet tips! Her pages are great and seem to break down crocheting. She includes all different levels in her pins (from beginner to advanced levels). Her explanations are simple and concise as well as her videos.

One challenge to crocheting that I have found in my cat – Stu! Everytime I pull out my yarn he thinks that it is “go time!” He attacks my materials, knocks the crochet hook out of my hand, eats my wool, and walks all over me when I finally feel as though I have good tension. Here is a video of him after he stole my crochet hook!

Stu Being A Brat!

As you can see he is quite proud of himself! Here is a picture from a different day of him after he yanked on the wool and dislodged my whole chain!


So I think my cat disapproves of my new hobby!

Keep your fingers crossed for me this week!


2 thoughts on “Stu Disapproves!

  1. Nice work Larissa! Now that you are done with the hard part I am sure you’ll be smooth sailing. Do you plan on giving the scarf to someone? Too bad Christmas just passed. Keep it up, I am excited to see your scarf at the end.

    1. Thanks Cole! I think for my first scarf – I will keep it for myself because there definitely be some flaws in it. Maybe by next Christmas I will be a whiz! Would you like a pair of socks? Scarf? Toque? haha

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