P to the R to the O to the G to the R to the E to the double S

What does that spell? PROGRESS! I feel as though this week I have mastered the loop, swoop, and pull. I honestly curled up on my couch with a cup of tea, turned on Fuller House, and went to town!! Before I knew it my fingers had taken over and I was much more into the TV show than into my crocheting. I have finally got the motion recognized as a muscle memory!!!

This makes me very proud. I do not want to post a picture on here – because I want my progress to be somewhat of a surprise. I know to the pro-crocheters out there my progress is not exceptional but for me – I am impressed!

This week I contacted the help of a local expert – my mother-in-law. I honestly had no idea that she could crochet. This helped a bit – but also confused me because she is left handed. So, I would watch her for a bit and then try to do it backwards with my right hand. This was confusing, so I thought that since I was just starting out I could probably just try crocheting with my left hand as my dominant hand. This was a disaster. My left hand being dominant is about as useful as “poopy – flavoured lollipop” (Dodgeball quote). So needless to say, I struggled. So then she decided to crochet with her right hand as dominant (easy to switch back and forth haha). I followed her for a bit and it was helpful because she had to slow it down a bit.

So stay tuned for more progress!!

Watch this video of things that are about as useless as my left-hand crocheting (hehehe)…



One thought on “P to the R to the O to the G to the R to the E to the double S

  1. It seems like you were in quite a confusing situation! I had the same issue when I was first searching how to knit. Everything showed up right handed, but ‘unfortunately’ I am the odd one out and I am left handed, so therefore I knit left handed! At first I tried to copy what the video was doing, but that didn’t feel comfortable so I tried doing it backwards, as you did, but that was a disaster! Trying to crochet / knit with the opposite hand than the person you are learning from can be very confusing, but it seems like you got the hang of it! Great job Larissa!

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