SLACKTIVISM – I don’t know about you!

During our class on Wednesday, we were asked to break off into groups and dabble in the process of creating an activism campaign. We quickly determined a topic and created a hash tag. Clearly, this is barely scratching the surface. During this class I also heard the term “slacktivism” for the very first time.

I feel as though this term is a bit problematic. I am a firm believer that change begins with education and awareness. I know that it is ideal to take this a step further and work towards your cause. That being said, I feel as though sharing information should not be viewed as “slacktivism.” I understand that sometimes by sharing the information people feel vindicated and feel as though they do not need to do anything more. This is when I agree that “slacktivism” exists. I found an interesting article from the Huffington Post called “When Slacktivism Isn’t Enough.” From this article I liked the part where they discuss that slacktivism in instances may be counter-productive.

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 1.31.57 PM

That being said, I still believe that sharing information and spreading awareness is a vital step to promote activism. I feel as though people should not stop sharing information and using hash tags to create awareness.


4 thoughts on “SLACKTIVISM – I don’t know about you!

  1. Thanks for sharing this point of view. I agree that having people read information is a start and it is better than no knowledge at all. I think that it is better the person is aware of this issue and shares it with others because the more people talking about it the better! The awareness is the first step in the activism.

  2. Thanks for your perspective Larissa! I agree that the term slacktivism can be a negative connotation of social media campaigns. Even if people are only learning about the issue and not actively engaging, I think it is equally important to raise awareness. Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for instance. Not everyone who participated donated money, but they did learn about ALS (a disease that was rarely known). As well, the money that was raised would not have been done so without such a campaign. I think what is important, which I wrote about in my post, is that we teach students to be able to see authentic social media campaigns. Thanks for your post!

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