I’m movin on up!

So after a tireless search of what to create next after my mystery square I have decided to begin a crocheted chapeau. For those non-frenchies out there – that is a hat! I was whipping through Feedly and came across this interesting blog called The Crochet Geek!

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 3.54.27 PM

All of her crochet projects are easy to follow. The materials that you will need are explained simply and things are broken down into steps. My friend just had a baby boy and what baby boy doesn’t need a good hat. He has a fair sized head so I will have to estimate the size. I will make it a bit larger so that he won’t outgrow it for awhile (obviously it’s going to be so beautiful – he will never want to take it off!)

I have all of my materials and I am going to attempt it this week. It may be a disaster, but I am going to try!

It should look something along the lines of this:



I want to aim for that adorable one along the bottom middle!

Keep those fingers crossed for me!! Thanks!


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