Let’s go (cat)fishing!

After reading Katia’s post: The Curious Case of  Srkj Rife, “Victim” Turned – Harasser,” I was compelled to dive into this ridiculous and complex world of catfishing and state my two cents. I highly suggest you read Katia’s blog for an insightful/ humorous look at Alec’s struggle with an online harasser. Today there are many different mediums by which Catfish can bait their prey. Social media is universal, so therefore Catfishers may be lurking in all corners of the world. I know I have received the odd email about a Nigerian prince needing my help!



During nursing school, one of my friends was contacted by someone that her pictures had been used in a catfishing scenario. Very upset by this, as facebook was generally a new concept then, we did a bit more research. We found that one of her entire albums, including pictures of all of us out on the town, had been used. This girl had created an entire back story and lured this poor guy in entirely. It was just an uneasy feeling knowing that someone has and used all of our pictures for a deceitful purpose.

Not long after this, Nev’s documentary called Catfish (available on Netflix – WATCH IT) came out. We all watched it together and saw how easy it appears for some one to completely manipulate another. Nev is a very intelligent and caring person. The woman who manipulated him was extremely convincing and waded deeply into her stories! Nev and Max have now created a series called Catfish on MTV. I am completely invested in this show! You get to witness quite the intense and convoluted stories that these people come up with. Seriously, watch this! It will open your eyes to the lengths that people are willing to go just to portray a different person entirely on social media!



Buzzfeed has compiled 17 of the Most Insane Catfish Stories. Please check these out at your leisure!

My last minute advice – if you get an email stating to give a Nigerian prince $100 000 – just don’t! or do! and become the next catfish victim – maybe they will do an episode all about you (heavy sarcasm)!


4 thoughts on “Let’s go (cat)fishing!

  1. Great post Larissa! I like how you were able to relate it to a personal story! That would be super scary. I know that was one of my biggest fears with putting myself out on the internet. Also great link! Lots of horrifying stories!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I know, I could not believe that link! That is barely scratching the surface. If you have time you should watch Catfish on Netflix, seriously crazy the lengths that people go to keep their lies seem legit! Thanks for your comment!

  2. This was a great read! Thanks for sharing your personal story…it is scary that people can and do catfish! I also like how you stated Katia’s blog post is humours, but after that lecture it was a little freaky! I now know why they are encouraging us to blog and have a good digital footprint. This also shows how important it is to teach to our students. I will have to watch Catfish this summer when I have a little more time.

    1. Thanks for your comment Kylie! I totally agree we need to educate our students about this. It is scary – it can happen so easily!! Yes, definitely watch it – it will open your eyes!

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