Maybe an App can Save me?

I have been working on creating a hat this week. It has been a complete disaster! I feel as though my crochet skills are limited to making random squares. I decided to search through apps. I found one that has proven to be helpful. It is called iStiches!


(image from the App store)

After careful review of this app this is what I have come to conclude.


It has a My Project Section which allows you to keep track of all of your projects. You mark the rows, and any variations that are included. Insert a picture and voila you have a permanent record of all of your brilliant projects!

It is FREE!!

It has a neat section where you input the type of yarn you are using and it tells you the type and size of hook that works best!

There are a ton of tutorial videos and patterns.

There is a section that teaches you about creating custom patterns (although I am not sure if I will ever be that advanced).


I feel as though the tutorials are not very simply described. I know the basic movements but for someone starting out I feel as though there are other videos that much more helpful!

The videos are also quite rushed and hard to follow!

To conclude, this is a great app once you have a bit of experience!

So, I am not too certain about the hat project. This may be scrapped! I will keep ya posted!!


5 thoughts on “Maybe an App can Save me?

  1. Keep going Larissa you can do it! Complete that hat! And I agree with you about finding apps, I have had experiences with apps that give tutorials that are too advanced for my skills, so where are all the good tutorial apps hiding!!

      1. Seriously I believe it is still all on YouTube! The apps people are creating are too advanced and on YouTube there are all different kinds of people giving us help and guidance where we get the variety we need on a technique we are trying to learn and find the one that best suits our capability!

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