Courageous Carol

The name Amanda Todd has become synonymous with cyber-bullying and bullying in general. This young girl had been put into a compromising situation that ultimately led to the loss of her life. The video that she created to tell her is story is heartbreaking to watch, and the pain she was feeling is evident.

Last Wednesday, we were given the honour to listen to Carol Todd speak to our class. My initial reaction is that she is so passionate and positive. Her daughter’s story is extremely tragic and a hard story to tell. Carol spoke so candidly and shared amazing analogies that will definitely stick with me.

These are two examples of the way that she broke down heavy topics into a simpler way to understand. These two really stuck with me. I can imagine when I have children and we go to spend the day at the playground, I will absolutely be that paranoid mother. I will check out the playground for any hazards, and watch for people hanging around as well. Alternatively, when our children are online it is very challenging to control their digital playground as the perimeters can be endless. I know that when I have children I will absolutely do my best to monitor what he/she is doing online. I know that we can not monitor everything, but I definitely will try my best. That being said, it is up to us as teachers (and parents) to talk to our students/children and educate them about online safety in the best way that we can!

I can not begin to imagine the trauma that Carol has experienced. Losing a child is something that no one should ever have to go through. I am so impressed by her strength and courage to share her story and to speak to online safety.

I thoroughly enjoy reading Carol Todd’s articles about her daughter and about the entire situation. This one she shared on her twitter page. I highly recommend you read: Why Would A 35-Year-Old Dutch Man Sexploit My Daughter Amanda?

To end, do not forget that we are all unique – we are all snowflakes!

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4 thoughts on “Courageous Carol

  1. It still seems crazy that we had the opportunity to talk with Carol. My heart really does break trying to imagine what her and her family went through. What I think is incredible is that she is CHOOSING to go on. She is taking such a horrific story and educating others. That, to me, is the definition of inspiration!

    Thanks for sharing, Larissa!

    1. I know I am still in shock that it was so easy to connect with her! I can not even begin to imagine what she is going through. She is truly inspiring. She has taken such an awful situation and has turned it around into something positive! Thanks for your comments Taryn!

  2. I agree it would take incredible strength to share her story! I loved the positive message of hope Carol’s presentation delivered. Through Carol, Amanda’s legacy will continue by supporting and teaching others about the importance of online safety and digital identity. It was such an honour to listen to her presentation.

    1. Thanks for your comments Carli! I know I loved how she is able to maintain such a positive way of thinking and speaking. I love that she is sharing Amanda’s story to promote safety on the internet. She is such an amazing lady and I feel truly blessed to have invited her into our classroom!

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